Hello Board Yandex
Доска приветов для JS-разработчиков

Если коротко

Возвращаем разработчикам привычный формат бегущей строки в стиле лучших тв-шоу нулевых

To attract attention of the audience that does not seek to work in Yandex, to collect 1000 contacts, and to make noise in the market of JS-developers.

Hello board Yandex is a greetings in the style of the best TV shows of the '90s. Prove that you're good at JS and speak out to the whole country.
How it works
To display your message on the Hello Board, you need to register on the Hello Board landing page, write your message (no longer than 100 characters) and solve the JS problem. We have developed 80 tasks about magical worlds and creatures, so much loved by developers. While you are solving the task, your message is being moderated. If the task is solved correctly, the message appears in the greetings feed directly below the Yandex search bar. To increase the coverage and number of requests, we launched a promotional campaign for the phrase 'Hello Board Yandex' in social networks. To see the greetings feed, you needed to enter 'hello board yandex' in Yandex.
2 weeks
Hello Board worked
reposts in social networks