VTB employer brand
Confident in every step
In brief
The employer brand of VTB Bank that inspires confidence
To develop employer brand, its creative and visual concepts.
VTB Bank has always been a reliable employer; after its merger with VTB24 and the Bank of Moscow it has become even more solid.
Value proposition
Each person strives to feel confident and secure about his future. VTB is an employer that gives its employees maximum certainty regarding the company, the team, and their career development. This atmosphere inspires employees and encourage them to achieve high results: they realize their potential, succeed and create their own future.

Creative concept
The slogan "Confident in every step" says that employees feel the company supports them so that they can act confidently in any situation. However, this is not the only meaning. Confidence can also urge a person to settle down, stop striving and move forward, that's why the slogan says about "every step": the Bank's employees are constantly developing, changing themselves and the company.

The messages always consist of three parts. They begin with the phrase "Our people" (or "our specialists, trainees"), highlighting that there is a unified community. Then the message tells about the advantages of work: "our people are developing rapidly".
Visual concept
There are three components of the visual composition.

The first is a 3D object made of the three strips of the VTB logo. This object may be transformed into a running track, a swing, or a tribune. The main thing is that it always symbolizes reliability and upward movement.
The second component is a VTB employee – an active, vibrant person.
The third one is an auxiliary object that illustrates the message: a road sign with a fork, a master's hat, a microphone or even a flower as a metaphor for the personal growth.

The rules for using the visual style are described in the guidebook.