Ulmart employer brand
Freedom in possibilities
In brief
It is Ulmart employer brand with the slogan "freedom in possibilities"

To develop Ulmart employer brand, its creative and visual concepts.
Brand positioning
We understood that Ulmart employees notice the possibility to develop in everything, even in difficult job cases. They like to develop and to progress. They need support, motivation and free space for the progress from the company. Ulmart creates the atmosphere of vital energy and the positive approach to working process, believes in employees' abilities.

Creative concept
The slogan "freedom of possibilities" and a special hashtag #useeverything were created for communication.

Creative concept was built on stories of each possibility in the company: from the global one which influence on everybody in Ulmart to the small one, important for a certain person. There are possibilities from the fast career progress generally to the ability to plan your working day by yourself particularly, from the companionship with your chief to the ability to influence on company's solutions by completing the surveys. The environment of free space for the progress is based on these possibilities.

Each communication message has its own number, which shows a huge amount of possibilities in the list. This list is permanently supplemented by the employees.
Visual concept
To emphasize that the list of possibilities in Ulmart is endless, the letter "U" is filled with infinitely different colours and patterns. Also this title letter is used as a frame for photos in communication messages with a plot.