Enemy agents vs. Tele2
Spies capture special operation in Tele2 offices
In brief
It is a game for Tele2 employees, which helped them to understand corporate values.
In Tele2 every employee knows company's corporate principles: "Fast. Fair. Interesting" and recite it even if he will be awoke in the middle of the night. However, sometimes people forget that these values are special and help the company to go against the stream.
To remind employees that there are different values in Tele2 and to make team work more perceived.
During the research we found that employees are easily getting involved into all processes and are ready to participate in any activities. That's how we got the idea to create anti-heros of values "Fast. Fair. Interesting" and to launch the game for their capturing. First of all we've made up the legend about Slowpoke, Liar and Perisher secretly passed into the Tele2 offices to sabotage the whole work in the company and to impose their own rules of work on employees. After that we launched notifications about spies' appearance in offices, announced the game and let it start. Such mechanics allowed us to intrigue employees and involve them into the process of catching spies.
Goals of this campaign — the legend's presentation and the announcement of the game. During the week Tele2 employees got acquainted with the enemy agents: were meeting them in emails, on screensavers, on walls and even on the ceiling. Spies were giving employees harmful advices on work, contradicted with company's corporative values.

For this game we've developed the landing page, where participants registered and open spies' hints. The purpose of the game was to find and scan all QR-codes, because it was the only way to kick off spies from the company. Every day one of the enemy agents left the hint about where he could be found: the employee was decoding the message and then was looking for the QR-code for scanning it and becoming one step closer to the victory.
Spies' hints and places, where QR-codes were hidden, were connected directly to the Tele2 values. The timer on our website recorded the search time of each QR-code, and following these results the tournament table was formed. Winners who captured all spies quicker than others got prizes from the company.
7 days
the game lasted
1262 participants
245 employees
have found all QR-codes
Through this promo campaign we reminded the employees the meaning of values "Fast. Fair. Interesting", and the game helped to experience it and understand better how to use it in work.