Promotion of Severstal Infocom corporate values
Welcome to the noosphere!

In brief

There are mechanics, creative and visual concepts for promotion of Severstal Infocom corporate values among employees.


In 2019 Severstal began a five-year transformation program. Severstal Infocom also participates in it and wants to teach employees how to deal with different working situations in accordance with corporate values.
To explain the meaning of corporate values "speed", "inspiration" and "partnership" to employees and teach them how to work this way.
Creative Concept
The campaign was called "Noosphere" — it unites and upgrades employees, teach them to interact in teams more effectively. During the first 7 months of the campaign employees were participating in activities and discovering the meaning of values parts. For participation employees receive points — infocoins — that can be exchanged to great prizes. At the end of the first campaign stage the most active participant got the reward — a trip to Sochi for two persons.

After the competition "Noosphere" project will continue to work for helping employees understand the company's strategy, communicate with colleagues and take part in events.

Visual Concept
It is created in futuristic style to convey the innovative nature of the campaign. Abstract illustrations are associated with each specific value: inspiration appears in a workplace, a negotiation table means partnership, speed is revealed in dynamics and paths. Сolor coding is used in the Illustrations and typography: lilac, peach and mint signify three values parts. Also purple creates a visual unity.
Goals of the project and the description of all activities are collected on a special landing page. Also employees' personal accounts and standings were created here. Every participant can go to this website and see what tasks he has already completed and what he have to do next.
All together employees participated in Hero Race, an extreme cross-country competition, and receive infocoins even for trainings. Teams learned to throw down and take challenges via randomizer of promises and completed our tasks thoroughly. Finally, employees had to to lead the character through the maze answering difficult quiz, and take pics of everything associated with speed at work.


Employees were teaching each other during face-to-face workshops, they participated in workshops about agile approach to work, went to celebrities' performances and took photos of inspirational things at work.

Participants visited the exhibition of corporate achievements and Severstal future strategy, took part in quiz about the company and its values.

The winner will be revealed only in October 2019, but even for today 629 out of 1200 employees have already registered and participated in activities, got infocoins and rewards.