Severstal Leadership Program
"Steel Spirit"
Naming and identity for the internship program
In brief
It is the corporate identity and the name for Severstal internship program
Severstal leadership program is an internship for those who are ready to move to Cherepovets for 2 years and learn all about the production processes in the company. Here students adopt experience from the top management of Severstal and after 2 years interns can become leaders themselves.
How to challenge youngsters who are ready to move to Cherepovets and do something more than just sitting in the offices and doing the routine things? We found out that this internship is for the guys who have the real steel spirit. So we created the name for the program that differs that internship from other leadership programs on the market.

Here youngsters can dive into all business processes of Severstal, find out more about the production and influence on the development of the company. There is no standard decisions or any boring theories from the schoolbook! This is how the slogan of the internship "Career by trial and error" has appeared. We decided to use a two-part structure in communication and show the contrast between theoretical knowledge and real business experience.

"Discuss the benefits of a windmill with classmates? Please, no! My choice is to develop a new energy industry by creating wind powered towers".
Visual elements
The visual concept is based on a modular system of blocks complemented by patterns of primitive geometric figures associated with messages.