Robot for Raiffeisenbank
Situational stickers with the funny character
In Brief
It is the teaser part of communication for involving Raiffeisenbank employees in agile working.
Employees of Raiffeisenbank IT department changed the basic system of work process to agile working. However other employees of the company got used to linear business processes and didn't understand why it was necessary to change their usual work approach.
To show Raiffeisenbank employees how simple and handy agile working is and mostly to explain that the company appreciates them for ability to think outside the box and to use flexible approach to work.
We realized that simple propaganda of agile principles will cause negative feedback from employees. We decided to start communication with the teaser part to show advantages of this methodology with simple examples. For the teaser we've created the comic character – a robot-loser which doing strictly mechanical work. People like it and empathize with the robot, but nobody wants to look like it. The teaser helped us to slowly involve employees in communication. It showed in a comic way how it's difficult to be a robot and afterwards told how not to be like it.
Situational stickers with a full-size robot appeared all over the Raiffeisenbank office. The robot on them was directly telling about what he can't do. Each sticker invoked not to be a robot. Next to stickers was placed the slogan "Don't be a robot" and hashtag "#agile", which helped employees to find out more information about that methodology on the Internet.
Communication messages