PwC Private Party
3D-pictires on asphalt and personal invitations
In brief
This is an advertising campaign for a career fair using unusual activation tools (3D-pictires on asphalt and personal invitations for students).

The campaign resulted in 4 times more applications received than it was planned initially (1400 application).
PwC Company held a private event for chosen students of relevant universities in one of Moscow's night clubs. The function was occasioned with the launch of new global brand positioning of PwC as an employer: «Life-changing experience». In course of the events guests got a chance to hang out with PwC top managers, tell about themselves, and get information about the company and its working conditions. The question was how to select the proper audience and choose the best guests?
To attract 350 pre-selected on the basis of given parameters students to the invitation-only PwC party.
The goal was to stand out among advertising functions of competitors in order to attract the target audience. Therefore we decided to give up on the standard range of tools (impersonal messages to a general mailing list and a poster on a university information board) in favour of unusual means of communication:

  • Personal invitations to the party distributed between chosen students (350 invitees),
  • 3D pictures on asphalt showing the future of a student aiming at direct interaction with the target audience and viral distribution on the Internet (3 pictures outside three universities),
  • Posting new in universities and faculties communities in social networks (>30 target communities).
All advertising materials were banded by the slogan «Life-changing experience» and showed a student today and in future after joining PwC team.
Private invitations
In the current whirlpool of advertising information streams it is increasingly difficult to get out a message to students: they daily receive dozens of typical advertising mails and immediately mark them as spam. Thus we faced a challenging task and decided to use customized approach.

We started with gathering a spirited team of insiders, i.e. current university students who are leaders in their community and enjoy great popularity among their mates. These student have over a thousands people in their social network friend list and are acquainted almost with every student at their university. The insider team firstly drew up a list of ideal candidates for participation in the event among their peers (on the basis of faculty, age, and academic performance).
In order to ensure the participation of the target audience we prepared personal invitations for 350 students from the list. As far as our task was to promote the experience that would change students' lives, we put a polo-shirt on the cover of our card as a symbol of the current state of the students. Then inside the card there was a smart suit symbolizing the future success for those who will get working experience at PwC. Besides every card was addressed to one of the chosen students.

Afterwards the insiders delivered invitations to the addressees, and the grateful privileged in their turn registered to the event. Just imagine what it means to receive a personal invitation to a private PwC party! Naturally guys immediately started boasting about their privilege in Twitter, Instagram, and social networks. As a result we got a rapid viral spread of information about the event and consequently an additional wave of registrations.
3D pictures on asphalt

That's not where the story ends. Our next step was to put 3D pictures (or anamorphic images) on streets which most of students go along on their way to university.

The advertisements were placed near three Moscow universities: HSE (ВШЭ), MSU (МГУ), and SUM (ГУУ). Unusual 3D advertisements appeared on the asphalt near the universities.

Our task was again to depict the life-changing experience, therefore we drew a reflection of a businessman in an expensive suit and with a case in his hand on asphalt. The picture worked in the following way: a student steps on foot-shape markers on the ground near the picture, a photographer steps on a camera marker and the magic begins. We see just an ordinary student wearing a T-shirt and jeans while the reflection shows his successful future!

The picture also contained the information about the event and a web-address for registration. Therefore it informed about the event all those who passed by apart from the students who took photos. Besides everyone who took photos with the pictures posted them in social networks or Life Journal or simply showed the photos to their friends on the phone. Thus they unintentionally spread the advertising information further. Unfortunately it is impossible to estimate the result of viral information distribution, however general results of the campaign speak volumes.

Anamorphosis (greek. αναμόρφωση; from μορφή — «image, form») — is a construction designed in a way that a certain optical shift allows to reconstruct an easily comprehensible image from an initially unperceivable shape or a form.
  • Viral information distribution between target audience representatives (photos with invitations and 3D picture),
  • over 1400 applications for participation in the event.