"Make it better" project
(Life financial group)
Looking for the innovators in Ryazan
In brief
The project helps in easy way to understand the Life group employer value.

Life financial group launched employer brand with corporate philosophy motivating employees and candidates to make things around better. Then arose the need to inform candidates about the brand.
  • to conduct brand promotion event in Ryazan,
  • to inform target audience about employer's values,
  • to attract candidates to the company.
Firstly we decided to single out a certain part of target audience easily accessible in the places of its representatives' location. Of course the first audience we could think of were students. We decided to start the project at universities in order to later attract alumni and older audience in Ryazan with the help of news and posts spread by students.
Besides in order to attract a wider range of participants we simplified the initial conditions, i.e. we called the contest "Make it better" and offered students to think of the ways of their university improvement.

Thus we organized a contest (or a two-level project to be precise) which allowed the participants to suggest the ways of university processes and activities improvement, and afterwards to work on complicated bank cases under the guidance of experienced supervisors.
First stage
On the first stage of the contest participants gathered teams and thought of the ways of improving close and familiar environment, i.e. their university. Moreover participants not only offered an idea, they also drew up a business plan and cost estimation. Ten teams provided their ideas (click here to see them), and the jury selected the best ones. By the way apart from Life representatives the jury consisted of Ryazan universities rectors, local journalists, and makelove specialists.
Second stage
On the second stage six selected teams were to map out development and communication strategy for a non-state pension fund and LifePay system, i.e. a mobile plastic card payment terminal. Each team was supervised and guided by a bank specialist.
Popular vote
At the same time in order to attract additional audience to the project we also conducted a popular vote. The winners got 590 votes in the finals and were awarded an iPod.
The final tour was held at a popular anti-café in Ryazan. In addition to projects discussion and the awarding ceremony we organized a lecture by HeadHunter specialist "How to earn more working for a bank?". The lecturer mentioned current trends in bank sphere and the ways of using them in order to make profit. This attracted current bank specialist from other companies to the event.
  • a range of articles about the event was published in Ryazan print media,
  • students and young specialists from Ryazan got acquainted with Life brand and values,
  • the number of candidates increased in Ryazan,
  • all team members who passed to the second level of the contest were offered to undergo a paid internship at Life,
  • with the support of Life the winning team set up a career center designed to assist students in choosing the right financial career.