Prime Star internal brand
For healthy relationship in a team
In brief
This is a corporate value of Prime Star and also the creative and visual communication concepts.

To work out the idea of Prime Star corporate value, to increase loyalty and to knit together the team. To make the creative concept for the communication.
The research, which took its place among the Prime Star employees showed that the respondents appreciate the warm relationship at work and also are proud of their atmosphere. Corporative atmosphere stands the company out from the others.
However, the workers of certain departments feel isolated from the others. Besides, they don't have a possibility to understand the major value of their employer.

The research helped formulate the corporate value: Prime Star is the only food company in Russia with healthy food for clients and healthy relations in the team. Prime Star respects the opinion of each employee and is interested in the life of all units.
Creative concept
Firstly, the tagline "For healthy team relationship" was invented. These simple words were chosen because it is easy to use it every day in your speech.
Besides, there is a program of internal activations "In the Prime style" dedicated to explain the workers the corporate values of the Prime Star company.

"In the Prime style" means the comprehension and the usage of the major life principles not only at work. The goal is to convey the idea of healthy relationship and its importance. For these purposes the activations, involving the workers from the different departments into the communication, were invented.

All the activations are separated into the four units, every unit is directed to feed one of the major employees' needs: healthy social activity, healthy mind, healthy body, healthy recreation.

Healthy social activity
"In the Prime style" means to take care of the environment. This is why every year the employees take action in the greenery works project called "One million trees". Activation is dedicated to the team building due to the collective beneficial work.
Healthy mind
"In the Prime style" means to cook a dinner for your colleague, so, when it comes to the excursions to the factories all the employees get a chance to make somebody a sandwich. Activation is dedicated to the team building and lets workers from the different departments to strengthen the friendships.
Healthy body
"In the Prime style" means to support your colleagues in their work-out activities. That's why the employees set the goals and achieve them together, in pairs, watching the each other's success. The activation helps the workers to take care of each other and learn the importance of the warm and supportive friendship.
Healthy recreation
"In the Prime style" means to cook healthy and tasty food. And this is why Prime team holds a contest of the chefs. The employees of the cafes not only cheer their candidate but also learn the new healthy dishes. The activation is dedicated to give colleagues the possibility to share their culinary experience and make new friends.
Visual concept

Prime Star always use bright visual style for the best communication with their clients and guests. So one of our goals was to create a brand new style for the domestic communication which sinks into one's mind at once. The main method is using the one-line illustrations. The characters and the objects of the plots depicted unreal, but they all mean the real actions of the workers: planting the trees, reading the books, jogging in the park.
The rules of the visual style's usage are described in the guide-book.