PWC presentation
Company business card of 32 slides
In brief
This is a PwC presentation for universities using visual elements from various social networks.

Employers have settled in universities once and for all, every year they arrange meetings and lectures in the conference halls in order to attract attention of potential candidates. All of them hold typical and similar presentations about their companies, offices, and career opportunities. Students have already attended dozens of these events and aren't interested in them any more.
Создать презентацию для выступления в вузах, которая бы отличалась визуально и концептуально от презентаций конкурентов и могла бы заинтересовать студентов.
To prepare a presentation for universities that would differ visually and conceptually from the rival's presentations and could draw students' attention.
Like any network story the presentation starts with a search request.
The key element of the presentation is Facebook timeline – it appears on most of the slides and links the information about the company with its friends, history, and employees' comments.
Slide with Foursquare interface tells about the company office.
Real PwC employees write about the five key company values in their fake Facebook profiles.