PwC posters
Motivating posters for students
In brief
This is a bright and unusual poster promoting internships at PwC.

To design a brochure about the history of the Group, its corporate mission, values, life, and rules. To create a beautiful functional and useful product. To develop visual symbols for the principles of corporate culture.
To attract students' attention to internships and work at PwC with the help of a simple and clear advertising decision.
  • We decided to use a very popular meme in order to draw students' attention.
  • We decided to design an agitprop poster to motivate candidates. ·We decided to draw a laconic graphic image to stand out among other posters on information boards. ·In order to meet all the mentioned requirements we used Keep Calm and Carry On meme.

This is how we came up with PwC version of this motivating poster. In order not to spoil the laconic style of the poster we hid all the important information in the QR code: students know how to use it, believe us.

In order to stand out on the universities information boards covered by dozens of typical posters with long texts and humdrum images even more, we designed four versions of the poster in for colours of the company logo.

Keep Calm and Carry On was a motivational poster designed by the British Ministry of Information in 1939 at the beginning of the Second World War and aiming at strengthening people's morale. In 2000 the original poster was accidentally found in a box of used books and since then has become a part of the national cultural heritage. Today this image has turned into a popular Internet meme.
Posters 2013
This time we launched two decisions at a time.

At first we posted an intriguing poster in social networks which said: "No time to explain stop Internship PwC stop". The design was inspired by a famous meme.

Later we made a real proposal to potential candidates asking them "Will you be our intern?" from the information boards.
Distribution channels
  • Posters at universities,
  • postcards,
  • image seeding in social networks.
Posters 2016
Communication with the help of pictures and smileys is getting more and more popular among the youth. We adopted the trend and started telling stories using emoji. Our key objective was to show students that auditors profession was diverse and challenging. PwC specialists immerse themselves into their client's business and as a consequence become real experts in any field of knowledge.