The Future is in PMI
Change the world, transform the future
In brief

Comprehensive promotion of PMI as an employer
PMI is an established international brand with a long history. In this company you can grow and create projects that change the industry. At the same time, until recently, PMI showed little in the labor market. The company did not participate in career fairs, conferences and meetings, did not conduct its own events, did not develop a network of ambassadors.
Tell about PMI as an attractive employer. Develop creative and visual concepts of career programs for students.
PMI is no longer just a tobacco company. It produces smokeless products and plans to completely abandon the production of cigarettes in the future. We proposed PMI to create a full-fledged communication campaign that would tell about it. The key point is that PMI makes the future safer and more comfortable, but to change the world, companies need people who can look ahead and are not afraid of new challenges.
The campaign to promote PMI in the labor market included three offline projects: a business school, an ambassadors program and a case-battle. We developed names for them. At the heart of each — the word 'future', reflecting the creative idea of promotion: Future Campus, Future Makers and FYOUTURE.
Visual concept
We developed a common identity: neon colors, clear geometric shapes, black and white photo illustrations. Each project has a distinctive sign: an arrow for Future Campus, a hexagonal trapezoid for Future Makers, equalizer bars for FYOUTURE.

Future Campus Business School
This is an educational project for students. Here you can learn PMI business secrets: how to simplify workflows using the Fast Forward methodology, how to negotiate correctly and how to present any product.
Future Makers Ambassador program
This is a project through which you can become a representative of PMI in your university. Students who have passed the selection now talk about working in PMI to their university friends, hold career events and get paid — all in an adult way!
Case Battle FYOUTURE
This is an analogue of the case-championship: for two days, student teams solved a marketing case based on the real PMI business problem. The winners of the battle received technological souvenirs and a fast track for the internship.
When the style of future programs was ready, we laid it out on the media: created layouts banners, winders, posters, badges, souvenirs... And especially for the case-battle we developed a landing page with brief succinct texts, clear registration form and recognizable style elements. As a result we got 40 registered teams. 8 of them reached the final stage.
We organized final case battle: chose the place, ordered catering, decorate the hall, made brand-wall for making photos and welcome pack for participants.