P&G Mental Health Week
Here are my feelings

In brief

It is an event, that helped Procter&Gamble employees reload their feelings and emotions


Every year Procter&Gamble holds the Health Week for employees. It helps the team to work on their lifestyle: employees learn how to cook healthy food, how to go in for unusual sports, how to get fit and how to just relax. In 2019 mental health became the main topic of the Week.
To create the concept for the event that will teach employees how to find a work-life balance.
Five senses help us recognize the world as it is. Our mental health, mood and emotional balance depend on that we see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

We suggested P&G employees to reboot their senses and feel something really new and pleasant. Each day was devoted to one of the five basic wits: smell, sight, touch, taste or hearing.

Employees made their own aromas from natural oil and studied the secrets of its influence on people.
Also on this day was working an aroma-mail across the office. Employees could choose a card with a vial of perfume, sign it and give to a colleague to please him or her.

Anyone could try to turn the world upside down with the special device — invertoscope. Employees have turned... and then tried to draw their own portraits or hit the ball on a goal. And it wasn't so easy!

How to brew tea in accordance to Chinese tradition? How to unload taste receptors and enjoy even simple food? For two days employees attended workshops on healthy food and tea ceremonies, so they learned how to perceive natural flavors correctly.

Hearing + Touch + Taste
At Mental Health Week closing day employees could feel themselves as children: dive into a pool filled with plastic balls, taste cotton candy and enjoy unusual tunes played on a khanga. Also everyone could win the lottery and get a prize: for example, a certificate for floating, a massage or an aroma lamp with candles.