Otto Group Russia Welcome Book
Design of booklet for new employees
In brief
It is a booklet that helps every new employee quickly understand the company structure, corporate rules and standards.

To design a brochure about the history of the Group, its corporate mission, values, life, and rules. To create a beautiful functional and useful product. To develop visual symbols for the principles of corporate culture.
While searching for the appropriate style we concentrated on two main factors.
Firstly we took into account that Otto Group is a German company, and works by German graphic designers have always been an example to follow.

Secondly, we decided to find and use some of the old Otto designs, after all everything new is a well-forgotten old.

Thus we found the cover of Otto Versand 1953 summer catalogue which defined the graphic style of the booklet design. The new look at the old cover brought to life a dynamic technique of 'dancing' squares, i.e. contrast elements of different sizes. As a result a laconic and dynamic design was created.
Visualization of Otto Group Russia corporate culture principles
We used tailor templates as the basic element of the visual style illustrating company corporate culture principles because clothes making corresponds in a way to the sphere of company activity (clothes sales) and provides space for creativity.

Templates symbolize precision, accuracy, and expertise. Tracing paper on which the images are drawn stands for transparency and comprehensibility.
Принципы: командный дух и позитивная атмосфера, политика открытых дверей, уважение и доверие.
Hundreds of new Otto Group Russia employees in Moscow and Tver get acquainted with the employer via the updated booklet containing eye-catching symbols of the company corporate culture.