Otto Group Russia values promo
Career journey
In brief
Here are creative and visual conceptions for promotion of corporate values inside Otto Group Russia.
To distinguish values of the company, to develop creative and visual conceptions and also activations for its promotion.
We did the research and studied the strategy of development and it allowed us to choose four key values of the company: initiativity, openness, effectiveness, responsibility. These particular values Otto Group mostly appreciates and wants to develop it in its employees.

For being initiative, open, effective, responsible and for achieving the maximum result you need to ask yourself: 'Is it enough?'. This phrase became the slogan of the advertising campaign and joined four values.

Creative conception
Values help the company to move the right way, don't allow to lose its track and serve as a guidemark, that is why creative concept uses travelling theme. Initiativity, openness, effectiveness, responsibility are pins on the map, which employees need to play-through on the way to big goals. Played-through tasks are conquered peaks, and Otto Group employees are brave travellers.
Visual conception
Travelling theme was used in visual concept also. Initiativity, openness, effectiveness, responsibility got their own colors and specific branding. We shaped values' titles in the form of post stamps, the timeline looked like a route line with stops and on stickers we used symbols, phrases and images connected with a road and adventures.
The corporate portal
We created the corporate portal where employees found out about the legend of advertising campaign, about values and took part in online activations.
To make employees follow the initiativity, openness, effectiveness, responsibility in their work we developed the activation program. For catching on to each value there were two weeks. One part of activations was on the corporate portal, another one was in offices of the company.

During first two weeks of the campaign there were situative stickers with variations of the main question all over the office.

'To do' wall
Otto Group employees shared ideas about what you should try at least once in life. Someone wrote that he need to step on a sea-egg. We wouldn't risk.

The gallery of implemented ideas
On the portal every employee could share a pic with his achievement – the amount of steps for a day, completed diploma, successful project presentation.


'Thank you' post
Everyone likes to get a real letter with a gratitude. The whole week employees sent letters in which they thanked their colleagues for help, and watched how the amount of letters in the box grows.

The voice of Otto Group
Employees shared their thoughts on the portal about what does that mean for them to work in Otto Group, gave advices to greeners and told about their weekdays. The best stories were published in social media of Otto Group.


Coffee effectiveness
To make employees work more effective the company decided to inspire them in the morning and make coffee in branded cups.

TED edition
Who will tell about effective work better than speakers of TED? Employees uploaded on the portal their most favourite lectures and podcasts, which helped them to know something new and to start working more effectively.


I have / I need

Everyone could write on the blackboard what he has and what he needs, to point out the method of communication and get a help from colleagues. For example, someone could exchange his guitar skill for the lesson of public speaking.

I promise
Employees tossed a challenge to themselves, gave a public promise and then estimated the success of their colleagues on the corporate portal.