Nissan Employer Brand
Nissan cares about people, and people care about Nissan
In brief
Employer brand that reflects mutual support between the company and its employees
To develop the employer brand, creative and visual concepts.
Nissan has created very comfortable and pleasant working conditions for its team. However, constantly being in a comfort zone, employees still need to take the initiative and strive for something new. We decided to tell employees how important it is not only to receive care but also to give something in return, for example, to share new ideas or professional experience!

Value proposition
At Nissan, employees are the main value. The company forms a modern team, takes care of it, gives all the tools for professional growth and personal development. And it is mutual! Employees don't passively accept bonuses from Nissan, but respond with initiative, energy, and enthusiasm.
The employer's value is expressed in the slogan «Nissan cares about people and people care about Nissan».

Visual concept
The key element of the visual concept is a road with many routes and intermediate stops. Each checkpoint is an employee's achievement visualized in 3D landscape. As a result, all carriers become career maps: at the beginning of the path there is always an employee, and in the final – his big victory. The unique 3D scene design is created for each message.

Creative concept
In communications, emphasis is placed on how a caring environment affects the career path of employees. They reach new heights since Nissan cares about people and people care about Nissan Using the format of the path and checkpoints, we show how employees develop: what's the company' role in this process, and what employees do in return. It turns out to be mutually beneficial cooperation where everyone feels comfortable!

The rules for using the visual style are described in the guidebook.