My jobby
Employer emotional advantage
In brief
This is a flagship branding project by M Video company which is all about hobbies and interests. The project has allowed the workers to show their worth and helped the company to distinguish itself from the range of competitors thanks to emotionality.
It was clear to us that candidates do not see any difference between the 4 biggest electronic appliances retail stores in Russia: all of them provide the same working conditions, salaries, and social benefits packages. After thorough interviews with M Video employees we singled out two crucial insights:

  • The workers do not communicate either at work or outside the store,
  • Being not only shop assistants or managers but also interesting people in general, they would like to show their worth. The work can hardly provide this opportunity.
  • To make the employer emotionally attractive to candidates,
  • To reduce attrition rate,
  • To increase the number of job applications.
We launched "My jobby" project which allowed to draw the team together and gave the employees a chance for self-actualization.
"My jobby"is a social network or a club which brings together both current and potential employees. This platform is designed to discuss, learn, demonstrate achievements, share experience, and join groups according to the interests. Moreover the project offers real support in pursuing hobbies, i.e. provides grants, learning materials and organizes events.
Internal activity
At first we designed a platform for the project, i.e. a web-site with a clear subject list with the help of which users could easily find their hobbies, read their colleagues' stories, write their own posts, and take part in discussions. In order to attract new users we held a best hobby story contest between the company workers. We spread information via store managers: they mentioned the contest on regular briefings and hanged the following posters
The contest was held successfully, the winners were awarded and the works of the participants became the first content of the new platform. Every time a user (including contest participants) posted a story about their hobbies (cycling, hockey, flower arrangement), they automatically became thread moderators responsible for their topic, i.e. they were to answer questions, help newcomers, and etc. Thus the first activity started on the platform: some employees posted stories, photos and videos, others commented and joined discussions, or just read the stories.

The project was growing and developing. There soon appeared an archeologist's story, How to complete Rubik's Cube in a minute video, and even poems and lyrics. Off-line groups and activities were soon arranged: cyclists from one store got to know that there were like-minded colleagues from another store in their city, so they met and started cycling altogether. Participants started posting educational videos.
Four months later we resulted in 10000 users and constant activity. Therefore we realized it was high time to open the portal for external users and candidates.
External activity
In order to attract candidates, "My jobby" project started presenting lectures during certain professional events, publishing advertising articles in various media, and holding off-line workshops. Besides project communities were set up in social networks. Very soon numbers of users started following the communities. Thus the portal managed to attract audience which thanks to communication with employees got acquainted with the culture and internal life of the company and saw how M Video differs from other employers.
Development strateg
After the main project activities were fully launched and the portal started functioning properly it was time to concentrate on development strategy. The plan contained the following activities:

  • Hobby development grants: project participants can win a grant for their hobby development (education and training, competitions participation, equipment purchase). Once a month an employee receives a grant and afterwards tells other community members what they spent the money on.
  • Hobby development contest: at the starting point of the contest the participants should demonstrate their skills, and then in the final of the competition they should show how far they managed to improve. The contest will show how well one can succeed in their hobby in half a year's time.
  • On- and off-line stores tagging: we will develop M Video stores map showing the employees hobbies so that anyone could see where snowboarders or rockers work. Later the information about employees' hobbies could be shown right on the stores' doors.
  • The project has established the hierarchy of participants taking an active (or not so active) part in its development and spreading the information about the brand.
  • Independent communities were set up within the site resulting in the organization of off-line activities.
  • Loyalty of workers participating in the project increased (Sure! They became faces of the company).
  • Candidates started distinguishing M Video thanks to its emotionality.
  • Attrition rate reduced by 5% in 4 months.
  • Job applications flow increased by 10%.