Identity and naming of the IT internship
In brief

A visual concept and naming for a digital-style internship
MTS is changing: the company is moving away from the image of a classic telecom company – today it'is about new technologies, digital approach, flexibility, and IT. It means that the company needs specialists that are highly tech savvy, think outside the box, and quickly react to changes. To attract such guys, MTS launches an internship program for IT students.
To come up with a name and develop a corporate style of communication materials.
The name "MTS/start" directly indicates the beginning of a career in the company: an internship is a start for a young specialist. Slash in the title is a reference to programming since this symbol is typically used in coding. The main slogan of the internship is "The place to step forward".

Visual concept
IT guys are people who always dig into details, they strive to create beautiful and functional products. However, only an IT specialist knows what is hidden behind the glitz.
The main idea is to show the inside of the company. In digital space, chaos reigns around. MTS is positioned as a digital laboratory where employees work on technologies. It mixes ideas, technologies, colors, numbers, and fonts – as a result, this whirlpool enables IT specialists to develop their full potential.

The basis of the visual concept is a combination of two techniques: glitch and duotone. Together they create a bright and modern image of the brand and provide a variety of message tonality.