Employer Brand
Moscow Exchange

Where is the limit of your possibilities?
In brief
This is the employer brand of Moscow Exchange with the slogan 'Influence development, manage the future'
To create employer brand, creative and visual concepts in order to gain new employees.
Financial market is a living organism that cannot live by the rules of yesterday, it needs fresh ideas, new technologies and best specialists. For such people, Moscow Exchange creates all possible conditions for development, provides them with maximum support, encourages initiative and provides modern equipment to solve problems of international scale. Each employee of the Moscow Exchange influences the rules, practices and processes of the market, and therefore – the future of the whole country.
Creative concept
The idea is to challenge applicants with a provocative question: 'where is the limit of your opportunities?'. After all, all restrictions are in our heads. The concept involves several types of communication with applicants: success or failure stories and challenges. Each of them contains a provocative question and slogan 'Influence the development, manage the future'.
Visual concept
One of the style-forming elements is a dynamic composition of frames, which symbolize the possibilities of the employee of Moscow Exchange: the further you go, the more experience and the fewer obstacles you have. Linear illustrations complement the visual style. The concept uses brand colors: red and white.

The rules of using the visual style are described in the guidebook.