METRO Cash&Carry
employer brand

Are you in?
In brief
The employer brand of METRO with a slogan-transformer.
To create the employer brand of METRO, its creative and visual concepts for employees and job seekers.
It is important for METRO employees to see the result of their work and contribute to the
common cause. They value the growth and development opportunities they have, as well as
the company's business-oriented approach to customers. Everyone feels like an entrepreneur at his workplace and understands the tasks of the business and his role in it. The company needs employees who are ready to move forward, be open to explore something new and to develop together with the company.
Creative concept
In METRO, every employee is an entrepreneur, who understands what he is doing, why and how it will benefit him and the company. We decided to show applicants what distinguishes METRO employees and to back up our statements with the real benefits of work that the company provides in order not to sound unfounded.
Every METRO specialist has his own peculiarities of the profession, which are revealed in the first part of the message: "The METRO customer service specialist knows what the lump of salmon differs from in-line cutting", "The METRO worker does not know the phrase" I'm not from this department " and always happy to help ", etc.
In the second part of the communication there is a basis for trust: "We focus on the result", "We give freedom of action", "We immerse ourselves in the business of clients", etc.
In every communication there is a slogan "Work in METRO. You in?". But it would be illogical to ask this question to the company's employees, so for internal communication it turns from a question into a confident statement "I'm in!".

Visual concept
The visual style is based on the brand colors and a recognizable logo. The visual concept of the employer brand is based on a combination of company dies, which symbolize the contribution of each employee to the common cause. We also decided to use scenes of everyday work of METRO employees to create the photo story.

The rules of using visual style are described in the guidebook.

If a building becomes architecture, then it is art