MegaLabs employer brand
What if?
In brief
What if we won't limit our imagination?
We think over and develop an employer brand for MegaLabs
To develop an employer brand for MegaLabs, its creative and visual concepts for attracting new employees.
The employees admitted that they work for the idea and the product, which become a part of a person, his pet project. In MegaLabs you can experiment, try something new and even make mistakes, just don't stop trying and you'll achieve a result – that's more important. Nothing can motivate better than observing your result – a product, which will be used by millions of people.

Creative concept
What if we show employees the products of MegaLabs? What if we combine uncombinable? What if we will start communication with a question? We think over and develop the concept which shows that MegaLabs is a scientific campus and a laboratory of technologies at the same time. It's an agile community of enthusiasts who are not afraid of experiments, who take an initiative and value the final result.

The communication starts with the question 'What if?' and then some strange situations are added. All communications are about company's products and innovations of MegaLabs employees. Messages about MegaLabs atmosphere are built the same way.
Visual concept
The basics of visual concept are illustrations made in engraving style and black and white photos of employees. Each illustration is a combination of two objects which connected with the main message by their sense. When the product causes more associations and a fantasy gets wider, the illustration gets more unusual.

Terms of using visual style are described in the guidebook.