L'Oréal employer brand
Take a challenge
In brief

Employer brand of L'Oréal that challenges job seekers.
To develop an employer brand, creative and visual concept.
Potential L'Oréal employees seek to work in an open and creative environment where they can create something new, think outside the box, and change the world around them. In the course of the research, we have identified points of uniqueness that distinguish L'Oréal from other companies: avant-garde thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, science as inspiration, diversity of expertise and sustainable development.
Creative concept
The concept is based on the challenges that L'Oréal gives to applicants. The company demonstrates its success and proposes to prove yourself, take the challenge and create your own trend, launch your own project, realize a bold idea – to do something new. Do the usual things or create a solar radiation tracker? Do just good projects or win the festival 'Cannes Lions'? Go with the flow or create trends? The slogan "Take a challenge" completes the communication. If you are ready to take on the challenges of the industry every day, then work at L'Oréal is for you.

Visual concept
A minimalistic visual concept is based on accidental typography and color contrasts. The concept is based on a font composition, in which the two opposing elements are always highlighted. All materials use three primary colors: black, white and gold.

The rules for using visual style are described in the guidebook.