LifeStarter project
(Life Financial Group)
Your ideas worth nothing
In brief
LifeStarter is portal designed for startup founders and aimed at assisting in business idea formulation and development.

Life financial group launched employer brand with corporate philosophy motivating employees and candidates to make things around better and set up their own projects. Then Life informed potential candidates who do not aim at launching their own business about it. Finally the time had come to address an active part of target audience, i.e. startup founders.
  • to set up a meeting platform for active young businessmen and innovators,
  • to inform target audience with employer's values,
  • to attract candidates to the company.
Everyone of us hits upon an interesting business idea from time to time. Unfortunately we rarely have time or motivation to develop and implement it. That is why we came up with an idea to establish LifeStarter, i.e. a platform for startup founders and innovators designed to help them formulate and develop business ideas. We would like to point out that rather an idea incubator than a business incubator.
In order to transform an idea into a business plan every LifeStarter member should undergo the main working levels: chose a project name, analyze competitors and potential customers, estimate sales market and promotion channels, draw up financial plan, and define the positioning.

We provided the members with useful educational materials and highly experiences business experts, who assess the best projects and help in improving them.
Besides we gave the participants an opportunity to gather into project teams and meet fellow thinkers.
Why does Life help startup founders?
The group supports and promotes employees' business projects development. Besides statistics shows that the majority of those who would like to set up their own business fails due to various reasons including lack of money, experience or human resources. Thanks to Life Financial Group they now have a chance to fulfill their potential.
We have explained why people should consider working for the company and given examples of internal projects here:
Project promotion
We chose two regions for portal trial, i.e. Volgograd and Tyumen. We held major advertising activities there, however startup founders from any reason could register for the project.
Community at
It is a community for innovators providing practical advise, interesting cases, and inspiring quotations. Almost 400 subscribers joined the community after initial project events.
"How to produce an idea and launch a project" lectures
In order to attract target audience from the above mentioned cities we organized events in course of which bank specialists and local business community representatives could share their experience. Moreover a new tool was introduced to the participants, namely LifeStarter. Each event hosted almost 100 guests.
video from Tyumen
video from Volgograd
Media coverage
Since the project dealt with social issue and provided useful resources for free, many regional mass media told their audience about it. They not only wrote about it, but also invited us to a local TV show.
"Your ideas aren't worth a farthing" teaser campaign
Posters and cards saying "Your ideas aren't worth a farthing till you launch them" spread immediately across social networks. They both entertained the audience and informed it about the project value.
Charged T-shirts draw
We stirred up the audience interest to the project by drawing branded T-shirts charged with energy of successful businessmen photos.
  • target audience from chosen cities got to know about LifeStarter project (mass media coverage – 760 000 people, VK community coverage – 295 000 people),
  • target audience from chosen cities got acquainted with Life financial group brand and values,
  • the project attracted the first flow of participants who established the starting base of ideas,
  • LifeStarter is growing and attracting audience from other regions.