Leroy Merlin employer brand
Limitless opportunities
In brief
It is Leroy Merlin employer brand with the slogan "In Leroy Merlin you have limitless opportunities"
To develop Leroy Merlin employer brand, its creative and visual concepts for attracting new employees.
The research conducted in the company showed that the employees are divided into two groups: one appreciates stability and comfort in the workplace, while other needs to develop themselves constantly and embody their potential. Both of them feel themselves valuable in the company and appreciate Leroy Merlin for opportunities to grow and develop.

Creative concept
In Leroy Merlin everyone can find a job to do and everybody can suggest new ideas and develop oneself. So we decided to show the candidates what opportunities they'll find in the company. To each described feature we've added the practical confirmation.

We complete the communication message "In Leroy Merlin you have limitless opportunities" with something important for a particular audience: "for comfortable work", "for personal development", "for communication" etc. The practical advantage of working in Leroy Merlin is also added (extended compensation package, staff development programs, international business projects etc.). The concept looks like a construction set, which adapts to the target audience and the media format.

Visual concept
The main feature is the changed shape of the letter "E".

Text units form the visual rhyme and the correct placement of accents allows to deal with a large amount of content.
Friendly open poses and sincere smiles make a special mood and dilute typographical strictness.
Terms of using visual style are described in the guidebook.