Employer brand for lamoda company
Job in your interests

In brief

The employer brand that equates work with important interests

What did we do?

We developed the lamoda employer brand, the creative and visual concept for employees and job seekers.
How we did it?
Conducted a study
Lamoda employees told that there are no strict regulations and clearly distributed roles in their company, no phased plans and KPIs, no clear instructions on how to achieve their goals. For some, this may be an obstacle, but not for those who work at lamoda. Here obstacles turn into advantages. Here you can freely offer ideas, experiment and show yourself. Here drive motivates people, not coercion.
Defined EVP
'A company where you can do everything, but no one will do it for you'.
Came up with a creative concept
We compared work in lamoda with hobbies, ordinary and not so. Indeed, at work, as doing your favorite activity, you need to make an effort to achieve results – only this way you feel real drive!
In communication messages we used active verbs emphasizing that in lamoda you cannot just 'sit behind the backs of colleagues': here you need to act.
Created a visual concept
The visual concept is based on typographic compositions. Active verbs are distinguished using combinations of fonts that contrast in size and density.
The rules for using the visual style are described in the guidebook.