Kaspersky Lab Safeboard
Internship programme name and identity
In brief
This is a name, slogan, and identity for Kaspersky Lab internship programme.


Kaspersky Lab has launched the internship programme for IT students of Moscow State University, Bauman University, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Higher School of Economics, and regional universities. The programme includes lectures, workshops, conferences, hack days, and etc. Candidates have to pass several stages of selection in order to be admitted to the internship programme.
To design a name and slogan for the internship programme and create its visual style.
Name and slogan:

We combined the words "safe" and "dashboard" and called the programme Safeboard. It turns the young interns into a 'security board' which main objective is to develop new products and technologies for making the world a safer place. The consonance of the name and popular sports such as surfboarding and skateboarding emphasizes that the participants won't have a chance to get bored!
Besides we designed the slogan for the programme: «Fools learn from mistakes, smart guys learn from Safeboard».
For social networks we created funny phrases about work and studies, aimed at entertaining programmers:

The main identity elements are hexagons of different sizes connected by lines: these elements can form complex compositions that might associate with microchips. The hexagon might be filled with colour, text, or photos.