Job-video for MIF
Video trip to corporate culture
In brief
This video about MIF work was viewed over
1500 times in the first two weeks.
Mann, Ivanov, and Ferber Publishing House managed to organize the working process in such a way that the employees feel like a robust and motivated team although they work remotely. Unfortunately very few people know about the unique MIF corporate culture.
To increase the number of potential candidates and inform about the company those who are interested in publishing and its culture.
We made a video of Editor-in-Chief Yulia Potemkina, Advertising Director Yulia Maksina, and Commercial Director Dmitry Utrobin telling why exactly they love working for MIF. We talked about the company founders, discussed rare team briefings, and showed an employee's home office and a library inside a car trunk. As a result we got an unpretentious and interesting video.
The client was satisfied, the video was interesting and it was viewed 1500 times over the first two weeks.