Job video for Grundfos
A day in the company office
In brief
This video is about a new employee's acquaintance with
The Danish company Grundfos which produces and sells pumping gear opened its first office in Moscow in 1992 and from then on it has successfully operated on the Russian market. The culture, atmosphere, and even interiors of the Russian branch do not differ from the European company offices.
To tell potential candidates about the people, work, and corporate culture of the company.
We produces a video about the first day at work of a new company employee. Together with Aleksandr, the main hero, viewers see Grundfos plant for the first time. They get acquainted with the workers, explore the manufacturing department and the canteen, and learn about the corporate culture and the career opportunities. The story is loaded with facts about the company and enliven by jokes.
This film has a happy end: the main hero signs the contract goes to his work place with the applause of his new colleagues.