In Audit style-2
The second season of the popular project
In brief
This is an EY, KPMG and PwC common project aimed at promotion of audit professions.
The project includes both online and offline activities.

After the success of the first season EY, KPMG, and PwC united again to promote auditor's profession.
Audit Style project became popular in Moscow and attracted attention of members from other regions therefore we created a full-scale site. The site tells about profession values and Audit Style events. Besides the members of Fight in Audit Style game received their tasks and sent their answers via personal accounts on the web-site.
Fight in audit style
In order to attract more members from Russian regions we launched an interactive team game for 1-3 year university students – Fight in Audit Style. Students of the same university gathered into teams in order to answer questions and tackle the tasks of the game for 6 weeks. The winning team was awarded 100 000 rubles.
We designed advertising posters calling to give the rivals a hard time and make the rector cry with happiness after the triumph of the university team in order to draw more attention to the project.
Audit Style project is now popular all over Russia.