In Audit style
Profession promotion
In brief
This is an EY, KPMG and PwC common project aimed at promotion of audit professions.
The project includes both online and offline activities.

The research showed that students tend to underestimate the importance of audit and are generally not interested in the career of auditor. That is why three main auditing companies – EY, KPMG и PwC joined their forces to launch the profession promotion project.
To design the project visual image, develop a teaser campaign, and set up social network communities. To support all project events.
Visual image
The main element of the visual image was a hand drawn light-blue line which changed it's shape in different communication channels but remained recognizable. We chose light-blue colour because it wasn't used by any of the project members. Besides a hand drawn line combined with a type font symbolized auditor's out-of-the-box tasks.
Profession values
At the beginning of the project the members chose 7 key values of the profession which laid the basis for further communication with the students. Then the organizers told the students about the success, acknowledgement, contribution in the economy development, business intuition, wide range of challenging projects, robust friendly team, and 3D career, and concluded that an auditor is more than just a profession.

We even made a video about the profession values in the offices of EY, KPMG, and PwC.
Before launching the project we decided to create intrigue and build up expectation of the audience. In order to do that we posted funny pictures about the values in the community on every day for two weeks.
Besides the community avatar looked like a question mark with strange indistinct objects inside. Then day after day the objects became more and more distinct and just before the launch of the project they turned into the logos of the organizing companies.
Event support
Moreover we made teasers, advertising, and video reports about the main events of the project, i.e. Quest in audit style, Halloween in audit style, and Summit in audit style. We even designed a colourful booklet about the profession values.
The first common project of three auditing companies covered a considerable number of potential candidates and formed a base of loyal junior students. 4 months of the campaign attracted 2324 subscribers and 20 020 unique visits.