IKEA in 300 minutes
A quest telling everything about the work for IKEA
In brief
It is a quest in one of IKEA stores showing work responsibilities of different company employees.
IKEA customers are so fond of the store that they can just hang out there without buying anything. However not only customers but sometimes even company employees are not aware of career opportunities provided by their favourite company.
To design an event that would show real career opportunities and professions in IKEA.
The project was aimed at potential candidates among the store customers. But in the course of the work we realized that it could solve the internal company problem as well, i.e. tell the current employees that IKEA encourages communication and movement between departments and wants its specialists to know the responsibilities of their colleagues from other departments.
As a result we designed an IKEA in 300 minutes quest which allowed participants to gain insight into the work of the store, know more about the everyday life of the company in general and try their hand at carrying out the tasks at five different company departments.

The players divided into 5 teams with 5-6 members in each. The game consisted of 5 stages (or stations) on each stage the players were to fulfill a certain task against the clock (40 minutes per task on the average). The players earned points on every stage and the team with the highest result won. The quest took place in one of the IKEA stores during the day, therefore shop customers and work tasks made the game even more relistic.
The game tasks were developed in cooperation with IKEA Tyoply Stan work team. After some trials all the materials, instructions, and manuals were sent to all Russian stores.

8 IKEA in 300 minutes quests took place in Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Samara, Kazan, Ufa, and Ekaterinburg stores within the framework of IKEA talents development week (from 4 to 10 April 2016). At the moment games for potential candidates are being prepared.

According to the game legend some IKEA workers went to help their colleagues open a new store in a different region, and the quest organizers asked the game participants to replace the missing specialists.
Before the start
While waiting for the start of the quest the participants assemble a jigsaw puzzle showing different IKEA departments. This task doesn't bring any points and aims exceptionally at entertaining the players before the start of the game.
Dividing into teams
Every player gets an envelope with a simple task. After solving the task the player finds the place of their team gathering.
Sales station
– consulting a client (played by a company employee) and selling a ready-made solution,

­– fixing goods arrangement in accordance with guidelines,

– studying the range of competitors goods and searching for competitive positions,
– kitchen design.

Communication and interior design station
– room scenario development – the players describe the owners of a room on the basis of its interior,

– analysis of customers navigation types in the stores.

Logistics station
– Order picking in accordance with the prepared plan,
– Efficient arrangement of goods in the storage area.

Service station
– working with a client at the information desk (answering questions, documents processing),
– working with goods at the counter against the clock.
Restaurant station
– calculating cost of ingredients for a new dish and ordering a month supply,
– designing a dish advert.
Во время создания игры команда собрала столько материала, что хватило бы не на 300 минут, а на все 30000. Тогда полезную информацию, которая не вошла в квест, объединили в подробную брошюру. Материал помогает сотрудникам найти ответы на вопросы о карьере, а кандидатам рассказывает о широте возможностей, которые предлагает ИКЕА.