IKEA employer brand
Fills work with life
In brief
It is IKEA employer brand which fills employees' life with possibilities
To develop IKEA employer brand, its creative and visual concepts.
The research conducted among the applicants showed that a person aspires to live cheerfully at work without giving up hobbies. IKEA employees appreciate the company for the huge amount of given possibilities. It makes the team feel comfortable at work and do not wait for the end of the working day.

IKEA gives employees the opportunities to find something that will allow everyone to embody his potential and stay in harmony with himself and his principles. Working in IKEA doesn't mean refusing of personal interests and hobbies, that's why the employees never feel that life is passing by.

Work is a pleasure. When you like what you're doing, when there is someone around with whom you can laugh, have a lunch or create the solution of a difficult task — it's not just a job, it's life.
Creative concept
The creative concept is built around the main idea and shows applicants the advantages of working in different IKEA departments.

The communication message consists of the phrase "We will fill your work with..." and explanations: creativity, laughing, friendship, pleasure, love.
Visual concept
The visual concept is based on minimalistic illustrations which depict working situations in IKEA. In these illustrations IKEA corporate colours are used. IKEA objects are marked with dark blue and the objects that aren't related to work, but remind a person about home, hobbies, friends are highlighted in yellow.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art