Home Credit Bank
employer brand

Want it — Get it!
In brief
It is Home Credit Bank employer brand built on trust
To develop Home Credit Bank employer brand, its creative and visual concepts.
Home Credit Bank doesn't look like a bank inside. The company has developed a unique for the banking business corporate culture: free communication, open doors, an atmosphere of trust. Here an employee in a business suit or too formal greeting is a rare case. In Home Credit Bank it's common that you can be a great employee with no work experience, awards or impressive CV. The main thing for the bank is your wish to change the world around and your bravery to make mistakes. Here you will always be supported!
Value proposition
The world is changed not by those who believe in themselves, but by those who is believed in, supported and motivated not to give up. If a person feels that he is not alone, that he has a team ready to support any idea and initiative, it's encouraging! The atmosphere in the company disposes to develop yourself and grow. At Home Credit Bank the team believes in every employee. It's the energy of trust that helps employees to achieve great results.

Creative concept
Want It — Get It! This is the principle that guides Home Credit Bank employees. This tagline became the main element of communication with applicants. Suggest ideas, change the rules, evolve — in Home Credit Bank you're trusted from day 1.

"Built on trust" is not just a slogan, but the whole philosophy shared by all bank's employees. Flexible creative concept allows to create messages for different target audiences: each message contains a call to action and a reason to believe.

Want It — Get It! Experience comes with time.

Visual concept
The visual concept is based on a dynamic composition of circles and vigorous heroes. Large typography out of the borders emphasizes endless motion and growth, the lack of limits and restrictions. Bright colors and gradient set a positive attitude and show the special atmosphere, unusual for the banking business.

Terms of using visual style are described in the guidebook.