Grundfos Next step
Identity for talent development programme
In brief
The name, logo, and identity are aimed at promoting managing pool development programme for the staff of the Russian office of Grundfos.

Grundfos launched the programme of candidate pool creation and development in its Russian office. The programme aims at specialists of all levels and spheres of activity with a perspective of professional growth.

In order to facilitate the launch of the programme in Russia and make it clearer to the employees it needed local identity and image
To design a name, slogan, and a simple clear image of the candidate pool development programme of the company.
After rejecting several variants the client approved the name 'Next step' which is clear and easy to understand both to English and Russian speaking employees. The name reflects the aim of the candidate pool development programme which is to help promising employees make the next step in their professional growth. English and Russian variants of the slogan were also approved together with the programme name: 'Small step can make a big difference' (it refers to the famous quote by the American astronaut and the first man on the moon Neil Armstrong) and «Маленький шаг ведет к большой победе».
Letters «Е» In the logo make a ladder leading upwards. the logo symbolizes the possibility to move to the next level and make your contribution to the company development.
In the end of the project we produced a guide book with detailed description of the slogan, name, and logo, and rules of their usage, as well as brand patterns and the rules of documents formatting with the use of style elements.