Identity and student financial markets Olympiad promotion.
In brief
Development of visual style and communication campaign encouraging students to take part in Fincontest.

Fincontest is one-of-a-kind All-Russian student Olympiad on financial markets organized since 2008. Preliminary phase is conducted remotely and then the participants arrive to Moscow to solve the tasks of the final part of the competition. The event is organized by the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. In 2016 Moscow Exchange became the title partner of the Olympiad.
To develop Fincontest communication materials style and attract new participants.
Brand style
The first letter in the name of the Olympiad became its logo. The letter turned into an image resembling a currency symbol. Its circle forms associate with coins.

We chose golden colour for decoration in order to highlight Fincontest and mark it out among other financial events which usually prefer different shades of blue in their design. Besides golden colour links the design with the Olympiad subject, i.e. financial markets, currencies operations, and precious metals.
Exchange terminology laid the basis for communication materials. Bulls, bears, and stags attracted attention of the target audience having a grasp of financial market slang. The images were posted in social networks and on the universities information boards.
In 2016 a special round for school students was introduced. Special materials were designed for schools. The posters encouraged children to approve themselves and find their places in the adult world in advance.
After creating a currency-symbol-like logo we came up with the currency itself and called it fincoin. Previously Fincontest tasks always used different currency names. From then on all exchange gambling and calculations have been made in fincoins. Thus, the brand style became an indispensable part of the contest rather than just a decoration element.