Excursion to Transaero
Unusual way to talk about salary
In brief
It was a large-scale on- and off-line event arranged in order to inform target audience about salary of a flight attendant.
Around 3.5 thousand people got to know the salary amount.

The research had shown that majority of potential flight attendants hold numerous prejudices about working for the airline ("flight attendants are being underpaid", "newcomers aren't allowed to international flights", "flight attendant is a position for women"). Our goal was to eliminate those prejudices and we decided to start with the one connected with payment.
To inform the widest possible number of potential candidates about a high starting salary of a flight attendant at Transaero.
In order to pass the information on effectively we initiated a multistage process: we offered the target audience an unusual prize, namely a unique excursion to the airline airpark, and conducted a contest via social networks to attract potential candidates. In course of the campaign we used all the available communication channels to mention high flight attendant salary. Ta da!

Now the details.

Firstly we created the contest landing page which contained conditions for participation and a vivid description of the prize, i.e. airpark excursion. In order to attract as many participants as possible we designed a clear visual scheme of contest rules and conditions, moreover we reduced the rules to the lowest terms: the participants were to post a message about their wish to go on the excursion on their wall and then receive as many likes as possible.
We even took into account that some potential candidates might feel lazy or shy (because of possible spelling mistakes) to post anything on their wall, therefore we wrote a cliché text which anyone could copy and paste to their page. A third of the participants used our cliché.
About the prize

Our event organization experience has shown that modern audience, millennials in particular, are scarcely interested in material prizes. Laptops and Iphones are now highly available and thus are not dreamboats anymore (sometimes winners do not even come to collect these prizes because they value their working and free time more). Today prized providing rare and unique emotions are increasingly sought for. That is why we recommended Transaero to offer an excursion to servicing hangars, planes, and airline VIP lounge, i.e. the places inaccessible to ordinary people. Our recommendation hit the jackpot – it was an unusual prize that sparked the great interest of the audience.
Besides it is worth mentioning that the real target audience was not limited to those 28 winners who were allowed to visit the airfield. We targeted at all contest participants who visited the landing page, their social networks friends who liked their posts and then visited the page as well, and their friends' friends who could see the likes. Why did we? Because we mentioned high flight attendant salary on the landing page, and thus every new page visit was extremely important to us.

Thus following the launch of landing page and first news posts in social networks and communities we started receiving first applications from participants, and four days later we counted around 2500 unique visitors. A week later we finished the contest and invited 28 participants who received the highest number of likes (in total 93 participants registered for the contest).

The winners visited the airfield, took photos in Boeing-747 crew captain's chair, saw hangars and listened to mechanics who told them about a plane equipment and maintenance, drank coffee in business hall, and visited Transaero office in Domodedovo airport. Nearly every participant asked current flight attendants about employment and working conditions at the company.
Only an accredited photographer was allowed to take photos during the event and we seized this opportunity as well. After the excursion was over we uploaded non-downloadable photos to the web-site. Participants started sharing links with their friend and relatives and therefore provoked the second wave of visits which amounted to around a thousand unique users.

A week later we shared the photos with participants who immediately used them as their profile pictures. This once again resulted in new comments, questions, discussions, and page views.
  • 570 likes in Vkontakte
and 215 likes in Facebook (an average number of friends of those who liked the post is 200 people),
  • around 3500 unique views of the contest page (almost all of them saw information about flight attendant salary),
  • 93 contest participants
  • 28 lucky members of the excursion.
Taking into account the fact that the project aimed at image promotion, the airline could enjoy the real effect only a year later: the candidates quality increased significantly. Formerly the company used to employ only 3 or 4 candidates out of 10, while after the information attack this number increased to 7. This means that the information about salaries and working conditions has reached the target audience which used to consider the airline an unattractive employer due to the lack of knowledge about it.
*the project was developed and launched by the makelove team during thework in "Akzia" company