IKEA development programmes
Situational messages in the stores and offices
In brief
It is an internal advertising campaign for IKEA employees:
messages are placed in unusual places in the stores and company
offices making the places play.

IKEA encourages its employees to develop. In order to figure out how to do it the employees may consult with their managers or plan their career growth with the help of the special portal.
To remind that IKEA provides necessary conditions for successful career development. To promote the idea by designing the creative concept and identity.
The employees are steadily paying less attention to advertisements and announcements on the information boards. Therefore we decided to place the adverts in the places where employees don't normally expect to see them, i.e. in the changing rooms, gyms, and on the mirrors.

Было решено использовать наклейки нестандартной формы, чтобы можно было изменять их размеры для каждого сообщения. Сообщения на наклейке привязаны к локации и приобретают смысл только в месте размещения.
Communicative messages
Stairs: "Climbing up the career ladder is easy if you want to develop", "Choose your way to the top".

Hall floor: "Lots of ways are open to you – don't stop, move forward".

Conference rooms glass doors: "Growth inside IKEA is a transparent process", "There are no obstacles for career development in IKEA".

Near the copiers: "We don't copy the careers – everyone chooses their own ways inside IKEA".

Changing room mirror: "Work on your career as hard as you work on your body".

Near the clock: "Today's agenda: career".

Office mirrors: "This is who you are now. Imagine who you can become".