Promoting corporate values at Continental
Culture with your own hands
In brief
Creative and visual concepts of promotion of corporate values at Continental
Every employee of Continental is aware of global corporate values: 'For One Another', 'Passion To Win', 'Trust' and 'Freedom To Act'. But how to unite employees for a joint project and remind them of the importance of each value?
To encourage employees in develop the Continental corporate culture and live corporate values.
Creative concept
The main idea of the campaign is 'DIY' (Do It Yourself). We suggested that employees create self-made content about corporate culture and tell more about themselves and their work at Continental.

Visual concept
The 'DIY' concept should be reflected in visual style. We made up the names of the values from items that can be found in every office: pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers. We complemented the layouts with strict fonts and pictograms to emphasize business approach of Continental.

We gave employees a hint about the upcoming campaign at the New Year corporate party. We opened DIY BAR with corporate cocktails: 'Team Leader', 'Win Spirit', 'Freedom Fighter' and 'Absolute Trust' in the welcome zone. Each cocktail came with a leaflet which told about one of the values of Continental. Also a teaser video with the Continental team about the upcoming campaign was shown at the gala evening.

After the New Year holidays employees saw the screensavers with QR codes leading to the DIY campaign landing page. Communication was complemented with teaser stickers that employees found in very unexpected places: on a window, on a printer, on a coffee maker, and even on a floor.
Various activations took place on a portal during the month. Taking part in it, employees could comprehend the Continental values and fill it with something special.

Explain with one photo
For One Another
Every employee was supposed to describe the value 'For One Another' using only one photo and then add it to the website. At the end of the activation all the images were combined into a corporate collage – now it hangs on the wall in the office.

Passion To Win
Employees suggested their versions of the symbol of the value 'Passion To Win': they drew it or collected pictures, uploaded it to the website and then voted for the best idea.

TED conference

Continental managers conducted a series of educational lectures for employees and then prepared tests to check how carefully the audience had listened to them. Employees solved tests on the website and received reward points for the correct answers.

Team game
Freedom To Act

Employees formed groups of 5-6 people and chose a common task to be completed during the week. To confirm the completion of the task, each group uploaded a photo to the site.

All values

With the help of emoji, we encrypted the catch phrases revealing the meaning of values. Employees guessed them, entered in a special window on the website and received reward points for the correct answers.

10 words
All values
Employees recorded videos in which they spoke about one of the values of Continental in 10 words. Videos were uploaded to the campaign website, and then colleagues chose the most unusual one.

125 downloaded photos and videos

90% employees took part in the campaign
30% of participants received awards
94% of employees gave positive feedback