Coffee Digital Activation
Students fixing a coffee machine
In brief
Project promoting learning program for students of technical programmes.
Client focuses on designing software for bank investment business. The company has offices in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg with over 1000 employees.
Attracting students who interested in programming and possessing logical thinking to learning program.
The initial idea was to attract students' attention by bringing Java programming and coffee together.
Thus, we reprogrammed a coffee machine simulating software failure. The main screen was showing a Java code containing a mistake.
While an average user would have thought that the machine was out of order, the students possessing knowledge in programming (or at least aware of the main principles of writing codes) immediately noticed the mistake and corrected it. The award for the successfully solved problem was free coffee. After that the students entered their e-mail addresses and received invitations to join learning center designed to teach how to programme in Java and other languages.