Coca-Cola HBC
Management Trainee Program
Identity and naming of trainee program
In brief
This is corporate style and the name of internship program 'Coca-Cola HBC Russia'.

Each year Coca-Cola announces intake for Management Trainee Program. During two years a graduate can start with intern position and come up with project manager position. This program oriented toward drawing talented persons and leaders' attention who are ready to solve difficult tasks and achieve success.
To create the name and develop corporate style of communication messages.
Often we don't have enough motivation and the internship is a chance to turn everything upside down. Yes, it's difficult to combine work and study, but maybe there will be no such possibility. So, get the grip and say "Time is now!"
The main student's problem is the habit to kick into touch, to concoct an excuses and miss deadlines. Our logo appeals to stop delaying important decisions and answer a call now. The basis of logo is megaphone as the symbol of opportunity to declare yourself and to start a career in a big company.
Style forming elements

We used emotional pics of people and illustrations, which imitate hand drawings.
These illustrations fill up pics and shared the mood of communication messages. On the basis of logo we developed the system for framing of communication materials: posters, roll-ups, leaflets, promo gifts etc.

Terms of using style are described in the guidebook.