Clash of Sales
Identity of Unilever student competition
In brief
Brand style for students sales championship - Clash of Sales
Unilever holds events promoting internships and development programmes in different spheres to students. The new championship called Clash of Sales aims at introducing students to the cutting-edge sales skills and shaping their understanding of future sales concept. Cold calling is a relic from the past, Unilever experts will teach students to think outside the box and tackle business problems using modern approaches. The competition is divided into several stages: participants from 7 Russian cities gather into teams and register on the web-site, then they solve the first tour case and move on to the next stage, after that they undergo training and immerse into the Unilever world. The top teams meet in Moscow for the super finals.
To develop the style of Clash of Sales communication materials
The identity put the stress on the idea of fighting and opposition of parties in order to underline the competitive nature of the event.

The pentagon logo shape resembles the quality mark symbol and stands for the company expertise which it shares with the participants. The helmets inside the pentagon symbolize the teams – students can play only as part of a team, individual players are not allowed. The helmets are painted in different colours which emphasized competitions between the rivals. Not for nothing did we use American football safety gear, in this sport players kick off literally smashing head-on into one another. Thanks to American films this image of sport opposition is familiar even to those representatives of the target audience who are generally not interested in sport. It adds the necessary tension to the logo.

Style shaping elements
The system of communication materials (such as posters, site, and social network posts) design was developed on the basis of the logo:


The images and texts are places in special fields in the shape of deformed pentagon, which is used as the main shape of the logo. The logo itself is placed at the intersection of plates as if it caught them while they were fighting for the space of the poster. This technique enhances visual tension.

Multicolour lines make the images more dynamic. Change of colours emphasize the idea of fighting in the sense that the colours won't share the image space and therefore add tension to the materials.
Colour scheme

The colour scheme of the materials was designed on the basis of Unilever brand book which underlined the connection between Clash of Sales and the company brand and communications.