Calendar for KNGF
12 months – 12 professions
In brief
This is a calendar which tells about different professions of a geophysical company in a funny and entertaining way.
Kogalymneftegeofizika's competitors have very similar style and ways of communication with potential clients. Therefore, the company needs a different and unconventional approach in order to stand out on the HR market.
To design a branded calendar which current employees would hang on the walls of their offices and potential clients would take with them on job fairs.
To create a calendar illustrating different KNGF professions. Current employees want to see their professions in the calendar (that's why there are pages dedicated to the professions of a cook and a security guard). Candidates want to know about potential positions in the company (that's why every picture is followed by a funny description of the profession duties and responsibilities).
Style features
Every illustration contains a great number of both realistic and unusual elements which make it really fascinating to look at the images and find some funny details. Besides some professions are depicted in a metaphoric manner, for example, a mud logging geologist looks like a spy, and a service technician resembles a surgeon.
Visual style
We used mixed techniques to create the calendar, i.e. illustrations combine photos and drawings. Collage makes the image brighter and more intense.
In 2014, 1500 A1-size calendars took their places on the walls of offices and flats in order to tell their owners about KNGF professions.