Business Cocktail Citi 2016
Premiere of the career in Citi
In brief
It is an annual event which allows the best graduates of economic specialties to know more about the structure and the culture of Citi, and also to network and collect professional contacts.
"Business Cocktail" is an annual event for graduates and young specialists in the financial sector hosted by Citi Career Center. It's organised to help students to study out the internal structure of a modern bank and to choose the direction for their career development.
To develop the concept and the format of event where high-potential young specialists in the financial sector will get more information about Citi through the acquaintance with the company's top-management.
Every year we create a new format of the event, because it shouldn't turn into boring business conference. The topic of this year was the opening of the exhibition – the premiere of the career in Citi.
Opening of the exhibition
The event was opened by Citi top management representing different business functions of the company. Top managers were talking about features of work in their departments and were sharing their personal experience of career building.
Excursion to the gallery
After speakers' presentations guests went to inspect Citi art gallery. In each department participants were met by the "guide" — a Citi employee, who were talking about their departments, career possibilities for students and were answering questions. Thanks to such organizational structure all guests of the event not only visited all departments but also learned more about work specifics in Citi.
Informal networking
After official presentations students continued to network with bank representatives in a more informal setting. Participants got acquainted with each other, were sharing their impressions and discussing professional topics.
In one evening 110 high-potential young specialists in the financial sector found out more about structure and functioning of Citi departments, learned more about opportunities for career development in the company, made contacts with Citi top managers and talked to Citi employees from Moscow and London.