Citi Business Cocktail 2015
Closed meeting with bankers
In brief
This event allowed best graduates of economic programmes to get acquainted with the culture and structure of Citi Bank as well as set up their own network of professional contacts with the bank management and fellow graduates
Business Cocktail is one of the events held by Citi Career Center, an educational initiative for graduates and young financial specialists. All the events organized by Citi Career Center aim at helping students to understand the internal structure of a modern bank and choose the direction for their careers.
To organize an unconventional event which would provide perspective young financial specialists with the detailed information about Citi Bank inner structure and corporate culture via communication with the top management of the bank.
We called this closed meeting Business Cocktail. There were two ways to get on the guest list:

  • Students demonstrating top results in their studies received personal invitations,
  • Other candidates registered on a special web-site, performed a task from Citi bank specialists, and got their invitations.

Business Cocktail consisted of three parts. Each part had a specific programme and was conducted in a special room.
1. Acquaintance with top management
Bank top managers opened the event by outlining the main business spheres of Citi Bank. Every speaker told about their own careers inside the company and gave the audience recommendations on choosing the right career options.
2. Acquaintance with business unit managers
The second part allowed the guests to have a closer look at the structure and business spheres of Citi bank. Department managers made brief presentations in different zones of the conference hall about the specifics of their work and the guests moved from one speaker to another. Guests had limited time for communication with every speaker, however presentations were made every 15 minutes thus the participants had the opportunity to listen to several different speeches. Moreover there was a special zone where the guests could consult individually with HR managers.
3. Informal communication between the participants
One of the main Business Cocktail targets was networking because business connections undoubtedly have positive effect on career development. Therefore every guest received a pack of personal business card after registration. The participants could exchange their business cards with other guests during the third part of the event when the communication with Citi Bank employees continues in a less formal atmosphere of a cocktail dinner.
Just in one evening 112 promising young financial specialists gained insight into the structure and the work of Citi Bank departments, got acquainted with Citi specialists and its corporate culture, established dozens of professional contacts, figured out how to start a career in a bank, and received personal recommendations with HR specialists.

Lots of participants made up their minds about their future careers thanks to the event. Over 80% of guests said that they were going to apply for positions in banks.