Branding agency
Project development
Research geography — entire Russia
Employer brand development starts with internal audit aimed at identifying needs of potential candidates, i.e. external and internal research. Research allows understanding what candidates want, how employer's offer differs from those of its rivals, and what are the most effective channels of communication with the target audience.
Positioning and brand strategy
Positioning involves determination of brand position and its image in the eyes of target audience in comparison with other employers.
Strategy is a plan of work with target audience in different regions and through different communication channels within a certain period of time. Within the framework of strategy development insights are discovered, a single value proposition for the target audience is formulated, and a brand development plan is designed.
Creative concept
Creative concept is employer value proposition delivered through textual and visual images. It is an original, attractive, and close to the target audience creative idea that lays the basis for the dialogue between a brand and candidates.
Creative concept presentation includes slogans, texts examples for various communication channels, communication mood description, and brand identity.