PepsiCo employer brand
Winning formula for the employees
In brief
This is PepsiCo employer brand with the slogan "In the spirit of PepsiCo"

The task
Build PepsiCo employer brand. Create creative and visual concepts.
The research, which took its place among the PepsiCo employees showed that the respondents are used to have a number of different possibilities and responsibilities, also allowing them to grow out of their positions and even locations. This is accessible to everyone, but sometimes it can be scary – to leave the comfort zone.

The study showed that the employees of the different departments have different psychological barriers. Some people are afraid of the routines and banalities, the others are afraid to "hit the ceiling" in their development. It turned out all the employees lack the support of the company, the motivation and the trust from their bosses to take the initiative and to go outside the scope.
Creative conception
For the better communication we invented the flexible tagline "In the spirit of PepsiCo". It can be placed on the end of the sentence and summarize it: "To make the product famous worldwide is in the spirit of PepsiCo. Also it is possible to start the communication with it: "It's in the spirit of PepsiCo to make the product famous worldwide.

The creative concept is based on the demonstration of activities of those employees who has left the comfort zone. These actions are described with the help of the formula, specially designed for every message. This is exactly what helps people to use the possibilities of PepsiCo.

One of the basic creative concept's elements is the winning formula of success for the employees which consists of the certain number of the worker's characteristics and – necessarily – the courage.

The result of the formula is the opportunity given by the company. For a change, the formula includes many professional skills and also the personal qualities of the employee.

The winning formula can be adapted to different forms of communication and can be simplified.

Visual conception.

In the basis of the visual conception there are the photos of the employees on their workplaces holding the plates with the winning formula. They always look in the camera and smile. To make the communication more vivid and sincere we have used the bright backgrounds and cursives. If there in no possibility to use a photo of a person, one can use different rectangle stickers of different sizes.
The rules of the visual style usage are described in the guide-book.