Brand of Citi Operations Office in Ryazan
The bank you can rely on
In brief
This is an employer brand of Citi Office in Ryazan with the slogan 'Just find an opportunity. Citiwill support'.

One of the biggest branches of Citi in Russia, Citi Operations Center has worked in Ryazan for 6 years already. It consists of 28 departments which work remotely with Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakh clients. There are no individual clients offices of Citi Bank in Ryazan.
To develop Citi employer brand promotion strategy in Ryazan, design its creative and visual concepts, and organize a promotion event.
Research conducted among the bank employees, competitors' workers, and Ryazan university students showed that most of the respondents value employer's reliability and support.

Besides we found out that students do not see Citi as a bank at all because there are no clients' offices in the city.

The idea that the employer encourages its workers to feel confident and believe in their abilities and opportunities laid the foundation for the positioning.

It is a highly important feature for an employer because in the modern rapidly changing world everyone needs back up. Moreover, feeling of confidence and security is crucial for both social climbers (because it might serve as an impetus for further development) and family oriented people (in their case security provides a solid base for life).

Creative concept
The slogan "Just find an opportunity. Citi will support' was designed for the brand. It applies well to posters and publications which tell about the most motivated workers. But Citi doesn't always tell about its workers' initiatives that is why we developed a shorter variant of the slogan "Citi will support". It can be used in any non-specific context (for example on souvenirs).
Visual concept uses big photos and Citi brand plates.
We created two series of posters for distribution in local schools and universities, and postcards for job fairs and bank offices. All visual materials contain photos of current Citi employees.

Varian No. 1 – posters with a story: they illustrate employees finding out-of-the-box solutions in difficult situations. For example, a young man leaves the car in the traffic jam and takes a scooter in order to get to work on time or a girl uses things at hand to explain a business idea to the manager during a lunch break.
Variant No. 2 – portrait posters with employees' stories illustrating the main bank values, i.e. stability, career growth, professional development, and corporate atmosphere.
'A day to get a job in the bank' Events
In order to get rid of students' misperception of Citi in Ryazan as just the bank call center we invited them on a tour inside the company and thus combines open day with an assessment. The guests came (alone or with friends) on the excursion, got to know about the office, company corporate culture, and working and internship conditions and got an opportunity to have a job interview right on the spot.
We sent students personal invitations with tear-off business cards.
60 people attended the first event in Citi Office.
From now on the events will be organized on a regular basis.