Nomos Bank brand
It's time to choose an employer
In brief
This is a Nomos bank brand with the slogan "It's time to" encouraging target audience to ,get down to business.

To develop Nomos Bank employer brand, its creative and visual concept.
At the start of the project we carried out an opinion poll among the current employees and potential candidates (university graduates or last year students from the cities with Nomos Bank offices) and arrived at an interesting conclusion: people often lack motivation, self-confidence, and impetus in order to get going.

Thus we came up with an idea of a brand which encourages candidates to be more daring, take important decision faster and with more confidence, and hesitate less. It's better to use time on actions rather than on doubts.
It's time is a motivating slogan. People who lack decisiveness and vigour usually wait for a sign or a command that the moment has come and it's the right time to start acting. Nomos Bank communication will serve as a signal: the bank tells you that it's time to make a move. Notably the messages will change in accordance with the campaigns and actions and only the motivating element will stay unalterable.
Owing to the variable character of the slogan it can be used in the infinite number of situations:
  • It's time to be modern
  • It's time to start living
  • It's tome to win Nomos Bank contest
  • It's time to come to senses
  • It's time to use your brain
  • It's time for a cup of coffee
  • It's time to make new friends.
The main graphic element of the communication is a composition consisting of a timeline and a bubble (we borrowed these elements from social networks therefore they must be clear and familiar to the target audience). A dot on the timeline stands for an event marked in a social network profile. From this point everything will change for the better. The bubble is the space for a message from the bank to the target audience encouraging it to spring into action.

All image photos are taken in the POV (point of view) style: these pictures taken from the point of view of the camera man provide a dynamic image which everyone can identify with. POV is very popular among young people thanks to Instagram.

Communication channels
We designed a web-site about working for the bank, developed activity plan for social networks, conducted photo shooting, and made posters and rollups for universities and professional events.