Life financial group employer brand
The job culture based on lifezen principles
In brief
This is Life financial group employer brand with the philosophy which motivates to make things around you better.

To develop Life financial group employer brand, creative and visual concepts.
The research conducted among bank employees showed that the majority of them emphasize innovative and out-of-the-box approach of the bank to processes organization and tasks accomplishment. It is this approach that allows Life to stand out in the range of banks using cliché methods and instruments. Moreover Life employees pointed out that any staff member can introduce an initiative and then launch and manage a project with the support of the bank.

Bank positioning was based on the idea that employees have the opportunity to launch their own business and projects inside the company or improve the existing ones and get bonuses for their initiatives.

Innovative approach to work organization was used as the central idea. Thanks to this idea any bank processes could be described as groundbreaking. For those who have the experience of working for financial companies, corporate atmosphere of a bank adopting out-of-the-box rules and instruments is a breath of fresh air: communication is easy, there are no endless meetings and red-tape obstacles, everyone works at one with others here. Hence thanks to its innovativeness Life outrun its rivals on the competitive field.
Creative concept
To begin with we prepared campaign materials emphasizing the difference between the bank rules and principles from the ones adopted by its rivals: as a result we came up with a slogan "A bank beyond belief". The slogan combined with visual elements became a framework for any number of stories and subjects, after all anything from opportunities for development to relationships inside the team can go beyond belief. If the inner story concentrates on, let's say, training or democratic approach, the framework will anyway emphasize that no other bank can boast of anything similar.

Secondly we elaborated a comprehensive branding course existing only in the form of certain philosophy shared by all bank employees but not defined by a slogan or visualization. Only the one who joins the bank team and gets to know its atmosphere can truly embrace this philosophy. It is all about constant development based on the unique policy of improvement followed by Life Financial Group. We called this philosophy 'lifezen' (by analogy with the Japanese philosophy of kaizen which refers to constant development of working processes). It can be applied both at work and in private life, because any procedures and processes, office space, and personal skills can be improved endlessly. This philosophy is aimed at helping the employees to see potential for development in any process or activity.
Visual concept of a bank like this can not obviously be based on strict rules. Therefore we came up with an idea of a free and interactive approach to design aligned with visual marketing concept of Life. We introduced live non-staged photos (accidentally captured life and work situations), cursive type, and free arrangement. The concept does not tightly define the form: it consists of three modules (a photo, a bubble with a note, and an accompanying text) to be combined. Makelove art director gave the following poetic definition to this visualization: "All details graphically depict the life flow, they are based on the random rhythm of accidents".

All advertising mediums also include supplemental icons pointing out the major concepts.
We decided to tell about employer's values via a framework construction: we mentioned the possibility of setting up own business, clear career opportunities, and democratic atmosphere. Thus we used the stories about a female employee whose project brought her an income of 2 000 000 rubles, a manager who could see the employees' career potential, and a young leader of a business team.
We designed a web-page for Life Membership Club registration.
The first brand promotion was 'Make it better' contest held in Ryazan.
The second – LifeStarter project.